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Welcome to Primavera

Primavera is a company of seasoned business professionals. We know there is a flood of market information in the world today, competing for your attention.  Primavera can help. We take our experience and help others to find the right combination of data and actions, creating improved value and market share for your business.

How can Primavera help my business?

You began your business with a dream - to create a great product or service and make life better for your clients. Primavera can help you concentrate on achieving those goals by helping you with the background activities that can be so distracting to your business objectives. 

Talk to us about integrated business support services.

Our team of seasoned professionals stands at the ready to help you with your business needs!

Bruce Maxwell

Managing Director

Bruce is a Contact Center Executive with over 25 years of senior management experience in designing, building, and leading best-in-class Contact Center operations both domestically and internationally. He has a reputation for operational excellence and strong team-based cultures.

In addition to a degree in Accounting from Wilkes University, Bruce holds an MBA from the University of Arizona.  He is fluent in Spanish in addition to his native English.

Elise Christensen

Media Research

Elise is an accomplished manager who is a master at juggling multiple tasks successfully. She manages our various Web/Social Media interfaces as well as our VoIP designations

Introducing our Team

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